Monday, February 1, 2010

and miles to go

before i sleep.

this week i'm going to add up
our time spent in the car.
driving to kid activities.

it's so cold here,
i hate to even leave the house.
but i must.

because my parents did it for me.
ballet, tap, gymnastics,
choir, tennis, track,
girl scouts, youth group, piano,
violin, i could go on.
but i'm starting to sound,
well, a bit spoiled.
so i'll stop.
(because we all know it's really
my little brother that got all
the spoilin', right?)

i can't say i ever really thought
about all the driving.
or appreciated it.
but i do now.
because i am in the car
for hours on end.

it's a good thing i have
a suv - that guzzles gas,
but makes me look cool,
because the back windows
are tinted so no one
can tell there are three kids
riding with me.

so when i'm yelling,
"no one touch anyone!"
"just stop looking at each other!"
"no, i do not have any gum!"
it just looks like i'm singing along
to a really hip song.
(note - i know no hip songs)

anyway, let's get started.

monday - i don't have to go anywhere today.
i thought about the mall.
but like i said, it's so cold here.
i think we'll just hang at the house.
i am taking g downtown later
to meet mm for the hockey game.
house to mellon arena = 34 minutes.
mellon arena to house = 34 minutes.
total = 68 minutes.
as long as there is no tunnel traffic.

tuesday - this is the longest day of our week.
mm logs some time here too.
we have overlapping activities on tuesdays.
house to preschool = 14 minutes
preschool to school = 10 minutes
school to house = 7 minutes
house to preschool = 14 minutes
preschool to house = 14 minutes
house to ccd = 10 minutes
ccd to house = 10 minutes
house to ccd (car one) = 10 minutes
house to ccd (car two) = 10 minutes
ccd to gymnastics (car one) = 7 minutes
ccd to house (car two) = 10 minutes
gymnastics to house (car one) = 12 minutes
house to basketball = 7 minutes
basketball to house = 7 minutes
house to gymnastics = 12 minutes
gymnastics to house = 12 minutes
total = 166 minutes
for real.

wednesday - two cups of coffee, please.
g normally has basketball practice.
but not this week.
because he has a game tomorrow.
mm is going out after work.
so i'll probably take the kids
somewhere for dinner.
drive thru-ish.
let's be conservative and say -
home to fast food = 14 minutes
fast food to home = 14 minutes
total = 28 minutes
did i mention it's cold here?

thursday - if you ask me my name,
i probably won't know what you are talking about.
home to preschool = 14 minutes
preschool to home = 14 minutes
home to preschool = 14 minutes
preschool to home = 14 minutes
home to gymnastics (car one) = 12 minutes
home to basketball (car two) = 7 minutes
gymnastics to home (car one) = 12 minutes
basketball to home (car two) = 7 minutes
home to gymnastics = 12 minutes
gymnastics to home = 12 minutes
total = 118 minutes

friday - wait. what day is it?
home to brownies = 7 minutes
brownies to home = 7 minutes
total = 14 minutes

saturday - mm does this, unless i lose a bet.
home to gymnastics = 12 minutes
gymnastics to home = 12 minutes
home to gymnastics = 12 minutes
gymnastics to home = 12 minutes
total = 48 minutes

sunday - this is errand day as well.
home to church = 10 minutes
church to home = 10 minutes
total = 20 minutes

grand total for the whole week,
not counting the gym,
bank, grocery store, etc.
= 462 minutes!

no wonder i'm such an awesome driver.
so, how long are you in the car each week?


Bonnie said...

I drive to work and back 400-plus to Jim's and back 120- plus errands 90. that is 610 minutes in the car a week. Every other week you can deduct the 120-he comes here. And I don't have anyone to blame it on. I do listen to 58 audio books a year tho ;-)

pajama mom said...

wow! impressive! i should get some audio books, would drown out the noise from the backseat.

our hockey trip took 113 minutes, they had an "emergency ice removal" from the roof of the tunnel. i could have been halfway to my parents' house in that time.