Tuesday, February 2, 2010

in the news

i saw this in the news.

kinda sad for a hospital to close.
but considering my braddock experience
i'm not all that surprised.

after i had k,
i started experiencing
chest pains.

from stress.
for real.
three kids under the age of 4.
that'll do ya.

i didn't know this at the time.
i thought i was having a heart attack.
the doctor saw a
right bundle branch block.
(which i've probably had my whole life)

so i went for a stress test.
at the hospital mentioned above.
3 weeks postpartum.
i ran on a treadmill,
for nine minutes.
because i am a goddess.

then i had an ultrasound.
to look at my heart.
which is textbook, by the way.
"you have a textbook heart,"
the ultrasound tech said,
"if you turned to the heart page
in an anatomy book it would look just
like yours."

"thanks!" i said.
and i meant it.
because this meant it was stress
after all.
i was just crazy.

then another staff person came in.
this conversation followed.

tech to staff:
"when we came in here the door was unlocked."
staff to tech:
me to tech:
"what does that mean?"
tech to me:
"it means someone was sleeping in here again."
me to tech:
"like a doctor?"
staff to me:
"no, like a homeless person."
me to staff:
"on this bed?"
(the one i'm laying on right now?)
(chest pain)
staff to me:
"well, he probably didn't sleep on the floor."
me to no one in particular:
"oh, of course not."


One Sided Momma said...

that is pretty much the craziest thing i've heard all year. p.s. are you still getting chest pains?

pajama mom said...

sometimes, when everyone is whining at the same time. :)

also, i later had my gall bladder removed, and i really think that was a source of the "chest pain" as well. in retrospect.

One Sided Momma said...

pj, that sounds dreadful. i hope you're all better now. don't you just wish there was a panic room for those times when you need to run away and hide from the din? the bathroom just isn't cutting it anymore.