Friday, February 17, 2012

slow down you move too fast

last friday morning i agreed
to work so my friend could
go to her kids' valentine's parties
at school.

i left the house,
then i couldn't remember if i unplugged
the flat iron,
turned around,
(i had)
then headed out again.
as usual.

i drove past a policeman
who had some other poor schmuck
pulled over.

i kept going.
i was just driving my normal way,
not speeding at all,
or so i thought.

soon the lights were in my rear view mirror.
i thought he was going past me to catch
a bad guy.
so i pulled over a bit,
and he did too.

he asked for my license and registration,
proof of insurance.
surely i'll get a warning, i thought.
as soon as he sees what a squeaky clean
driver i am!

he walked back up, handed me the ticket
and said,
"slow down ma'am."
and walked away.
that was all.
no time for excuses.

i guess i do need to slow down.
$137.00 worth.
wiped out all the hours i had worked that week,
most likely.

on the way home i tried to go the speed limit.
and every day since then i have gone no more
than 5 miles over.
it is torture!
and everyone behind me hates me a lot.
a whole lot.

but he was right,
i was speeding,
thinking about other things.

so i will pay my fine,
and try, try, to slow down a bit.
kicking down the cobblestones.
feeling groovy.