Tuesday, November 30, 2010

safe zone

"you cannot possibly be afraid to go downstairs/
brush your teeth/
get a drink/
take a shower/
etc, etc etc.
all of our lights are on.
our house is so small,
i can hear you the whole time.
there is no one here but us.
and the cat.
our house is a safe zone,
nothing can get in without us knowing."

"but what about the tooth fairy?"

"well, except for the tooth fairy."

"what about santa claus?"

"oh yeah, and santa."

"and what about the easter bunny?"

"and the easter bunny."

"doesn't sound very safe to me."

Sunday, November 28, 2010

sunday confession

this morning i ate* a donut.
but i couldn't finish it
because it was


what's your sunday confession?
the confessional is open.

*i used to eat at least two.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

totally worth it

getting up at 6:30am.
driving 4 hours to
fayetteville, wv.
in the pouring rain.

helping to
set the table,
put out the food,
clean up,
wash dishes,

all while your kids play
at maw-maw's house.
in the perfect weather.

laughing with aunts and uncles,
grandmother and papa,
eating way too much
peanut butter fudge
and homemade banana pudding.

piling in the car again
after a fabulous
thanksgiving meal.

driving 4 hours home
to pittsburgh.
in the dark.

no leftovers.
well, this last part kinda stinks,
but the rest,

totally worth it.
happy thanksgiving!

Monday, November 22, 2010

baby you

dear k,

you are five years old.
i really don't believe it,
but there were five candles
on your cake.
i counted them.
you blew them out in one try.
so it must be true.

your doctor told me once,
not to baby you.
the last kid.
i assured him that could never happen.
he said it would be tempting.
i said whatever.

but we do.
baby you.
i still carry you around

you have redefined our lives.
you bring the crazy.
and we love it.
you keep us young.

you hold your own so well
with the big kids,
sometimes i forget you are not
a big kid.

you are easy-going
and high-maintenance
all at the same time.
i'm not sure how this is possible,
but there it is.

you choose your own path,
you pick your own clothes,
you get our jokes.
that is cool.

so now that you are five,
could you just stop growing
for a little while?
because i really miss my baby.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

sunday confession

today is my baby's 5th birthday.
and i am not handling it well.
at all.

what's your sunday confession?
the confessional is open.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

wordless wednesday

yes, she picked this outfit.
why do you ask?

Monday, November 15, 2010



after you show him three times in disney world,
and then again at home,
tell him you noticed a sale price,
and free shipping,
ask him twice a day if he has placed an order,
look up his log-in name,
his password,
and a promo code for yet another discount,
fill in the order form except for his credit card number,
which you could do from memory,
but that would be overstepping a bit,
leave the tab open on his computer,
so he can fill in the info at his leisure,
leaving him little to do except
press "order" -

you get exactly what you want for your anniversary.

this is how true love works.
the end.

Friday, November 12, 2010

16 treasures older than my marriage

cigar box from the day i was born.
come to think of it, it's not really that old.

nesting doll my father
brought home from the ussr!

book my grandma b. gave me on my 10th birthday.
i still read it.  often.

coal mining sticker collection. 
don't ask.
my class ring. 
black hills gold, yo.

because mary lou could call at any second.

whistle my aunt brenda gave me.
to wear at college.
for protection.
from what, exactly?

hard rock cafe jean jacket. 
should be back in style soon.

my first mickey watch.

this arrived for my 16th birthday.
from my grandma b.
she had passed away a month earlier.

the sheep sweater.
from england.
should be back in style soon.
snakeskin boots. 
you probably don't want to know.

my violin. 
yes.  it is framed.

my american girl doll, samantha.

my wedding shoes.
i really should wear these today.
and the sixpence from my shoe.
i will wear this today.

happy 16th anniversary mm!
you are my most favorite treasure.
except for the sheep sweater.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

sweet sixteen

just doing some 16th wedding anniversary research.
no reason.

"the 16th wedding anniversary does not have
any traditional materials
or symbols associated with it."

"this wedding anniversary does not have
any flowers associated with it."

what the hell?

Monday, November 8, 2010

happy parents aren't perfect

every now and again i pick up
a parenting book at the library.
i know.

usually i don't like what i read.
truth hurts, maybe?
but i kind of liked this one.
parts of it, anyway.
"are we having fun yet?"
16 secrets to happy parenting.

i especially loved this part,

"take time to lay each brick the right way -
one at a time.
if you miss a brick -
there will be a gaping hole.
if it goes in crooked,
not only will it look awful,
but it could weaken the wall.
if your wall is wobbly,
it won't stand up to the elements."
~kay willis

happy monday, fellow bricklayers!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

sunday confession

confession - i may have a slight obsession.

can you tell which is the oldest?
the newest?

what's your sunday confession? 
the confessional is open.

Friday, November 5, 2010

things i learned

in disney.
(applies to regular life as well, me thinks)

1.  after a week, 75 pounds of
perfectly coordinated outfits
still magically turns into
75 pounds of dirty laundry.
(try not to think about this)
2.  save yourself some trouble,
just let your kids touch - whatever -
ground, walls, parade confetti, line ropes,
benches, bathrooms, etc, etc, etc.
(i learned this after day two)
3.  speaking of the ground -
just let your kids sit on it.
or lay down, whatever works.
(heck, try it yourself a couple of times)
4.  turns out your kids can eat
chicken at every meal for a week.
(you'll just have to trust me on this)
5.  old school games like rock, paper, scissors,
or "stand like a statue" - work well in a pinch.
(try it at the grocery store too)
6.  instead of yelling, try distracting,
"oh look, ice cream!"
"hey, is that mickey?"
"who wants some popcorn?"
(also works on mm - "look!  beer!  and lobster rolls!")
7.  remember to ride some kid rides.
that's why you are there/here.
(and it is a small world after all)
8.  take time to swim.
9.  take time to smell the roses.
(or pick up a lizard, scare a squirrel, etc.)
10. stand with one leg on the ground.
stretch the other out behind you.
reach out one hand as far as it will go.
make sure you have a kid seated under you.
you are now ready to cover the sensor
in the bathroom stall so it doesn't flush
automatically and freak a sister out.
(repeat every hour or so, for a week)
11. dessert first can count as a meal.
(you'll just have to trust me on this)
12. if you see something you want,
just buy the darn thing,
you'll never walk all the way back to get it.
(and no, you won't see it at the next store)
13. watch for "magical moments" -
when something heartwarming that happens
or someone does something ultra nice for you.
(choose wisely)