Friday, November 5, 2010

things i learned

in disney.
(applies to regular life as well, me thinks)

1.  after a week, 75 pounds of
perfectly coordinated outfits
still magically turns into
75 pounds of dirty laundry.
(try not to think about this)
2.  save yourself some trouble,
just let your kids touch - whatever -
ground, walls, parade confetti, line ropes,
benches, bathrooms, etc, etc, etc.
(i learned this after day two)
3.  speaking of the ground -
just let your kids sit on it.
or lay down, whatever works.
(heck, try it yourself a couple of times)
4.  turns out your kids can eat
chicken at every meal for a week.
(you'll just have to trust me on this)
5.  old school games like rock, paper, scissors,
or "stand like a statue" - work well in a pinch.
(try it at the grocery store too)
6.  instead of yelling, try distracting,
"oh look, ice cream!"
"hey, is that mickey?"
"who wants some popcorn?"
(also works on mm - "look!  beer!  and lobster rolls!")
7.  remember to ride some kid rides.
that's why you are there/here.
(and it is a small world after all)
8.  take time to swim.
9.  take time to smell the roses.
(or pick up a lizard, scare a squirrel, etc.)
10. stand with one leg on the ground.
stretch the other out behind you.
reach out one hand as far as it will go.
make sure you have a kid seated under you.
you are now ready to cover the sensor
in the bathroom stall so it doesn't flush
automatically and freak a sister out.
(repeat every hour or so, for a week)
11. dessert first can count as a meal.
(you'll just have to trust me on this)
12. if you see something you want,
just buy the darn thing,
you'll never walk all the way back to get it.
(and no, you won't see it at the next store)
13. watch for "magical moments" -
when something heartwarming that happens
or someone does something ultra nice for you.
(choose wisely)


Bonnie said...

I can't read what is written on Tink's mug??

pajama mom said...

it says,
"pixie power"
the back of the mug says,
"mornings aren't magical"
and her other wing is bent.

mm got a grumpy one.

Bonnie said...

My mom was a staunch fan of Dopey. I have her collection. I always liked Tink.ciali

pajama mom said...

i'm normally all mickey.
but this mug was
too cute to pass up.