Sunday, January 30, 2011

sunday confession

pee happens.

this weekend one of the kids
made another one of the kids
laugh so hard -
he/she peed his/her pants.

(i'll not name said pee-er,
as some teachers read this blog)

in 4.2 seconds i thought all of the following...

a.  did pee get on the couch?
b.  did pee get on the carpet?
c.  come on, was it really that funny?
d.  seriously - one of my kids
made his/her sibling
laugh so hard
he/she peed his/her pants?
how cool is that?!?
e.  ok - pee did not get on the couch.
f.   ok - pee did not get on the carpet.
g.  it is kind of funny.
h.  those who live in glass houses...

so - i laughed too.
but not so hard that i peed my pants.
well, maybe a little.

what's your sunday confession?
the confessional is open.

Friday, January 28, 2011

poker night

tonight is poker night.

a few years ago this meant,
mm would leave for the evening,
and i would start a project.

painting the pantry,
a closet,
the powder room,
or filling in nail holes,
so i could re-paint the main bathroom,
you guessed it,
the next poker night.

i would crank up the broadway tunes,
tape up a storm,
and roll away.

nowadays poker night means,
mm leaves for the evening,
and i immediately crash.
enjoying 12-14 hours of sleep.

i heart poker night.
but my how times have changed.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011



"hey, honey, could you help me, i can't find the butter."
"i was going to make pancakes, but i don't think we have enough butter."
"do we have any yogurts left?  the butter is blocking my view."
"could you stop on your way home from work and get some butter?"

then we laugh hysterically and the kids stare at us.
apparently, we are easily amused in this house.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011


i stopped by the pediatrician's office
to drop off k's kindergarten forms.
the last kid.
stop it.

i handed over the forms,
and explained what i needed.

"well, we will need a self-addressed stamped envelope."
"you mean, like THIS ONE i have in my purse?"
on the counter, lady!

"also, the fee for filling out a form is $5."
"and that is why i have CASH in my pocket!"
exact change too!

take that doctor's office!
looks like i'm not so crazy after all!

who says you can't teach an old mom
new tricks?

Sunday, January 23, 2011

sunday confession

k was singing in the tub.
i love it when she does this,
because she doesn't think anyone can hear her.
too cute.

but then, this tune floats down the hallway...

"there's a place downtown,
where the freaks all come around.
it's a hole in the wall.
it's a dirty free for all.
take it off."

somehow kesha
doesn't sound quite as catchy
when my five year old sings it.
who knew?
might be time to delete some songs from the ipod.

what's your sunday confession?
the confessional is open.

Friday, January 21, 2011

weekly photos

this week's theme, water.
next week's theme, books.

paint water.  yummy.

no ken, i mean it, i can't go out tonight,
i have to wash my hair!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


mm says if the steelers
win the superbowl -
we are moving.

all i have to say is,
i really think he's serious.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

sunday confession

we went to church today.

k leaned on one side of me
and made a TON of noise with
color wonder markers.
noise i didn't even know was possible.

g leaned on the other side of me,
that boy is getting heavy!
he quietly complained that he.was.bored.
47 bajillion times.

so as i knelt to pray,
a familiar song popped into my head...

"s.o.s.  please someone help me."

what's your sunday confession?
the confessional is open.

Friday, January 14, 2011

weekly photos

this week's theme, neat.
next week's theme, water.

the clean before the storm.

clean.  well, my side is anyway.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

warm fuzzy

k, in the car,
passing the cemetery,

"oh look, some guy died today."


"see over there that blue thing
covering the dead guy."

"oh yeah, i do see that."

"did you know jesus died,
and we will see him in heaven?
and christmas is his birthday?"


"do you think when i die,
i'll still celebrate my birthday?"


"maybe me and jesus can have our
birthday party together."

"that would be nice."

"m and g will be dead already,
so they can come to the party too."

"uh, i suppose, what about me and daddy?"


Sunday, January 9, 2011

sunday confession

i am a fruit ninja.
yeah, i said it.

what's your sunday confession?
the confessional is open.

Friday, January 7, 2011

weekly photos

i recently joined a weekly photo group.
hopefully, this will inspire me to take more photos.
and inspire mm to gift me with that nikon for my b-day.
he was apparently still uninspired as of christmastime.

this week's assignment...

the wii fit board sat vacant for so long,
squatters arrived.

from the manual...
instruction #1 -
do not put together on carpet.
instruction #2 -
do not open all bags at once.

next week's assignment -

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

looking back on 2010

when i caught this post by waspy girl,
i knew it was something i wanted to try...

i am not normally a resolution person,
i usually make a couple,
but i don't really enforce them
once january is over.
sad, but there it is.

what was one goal you accomplished in 2010?
i sweet talked mm into a new kitten.
i didn't want the kids to grow up without a pet.
weird, i know.
it turned out to be a great decision,
but could have easily gone the other way.
as a rule, mm does not like cats,
but he seems to like this one.

what is your favorite memory of 2010?
i had GIANT expectations. 
and GIANT fears. 
would we have fun? 
would we get it all done? 
would we stay sane? 
we did, and we loved it. 
pretty much every moment,
except this one time, in the animal kingdom, when everyone was really hot and tired,
oh and this other time at hollywood studios, when everyone was really hot and tired...

what is your least favorite memory of 2010?
millie, a close friend of mm's family, passed away.
from a car accident,
as she was driving home from mailing her holiday cards!?!
it is still mind-numbing.
and her card is hanging upstairs.

what was the best trip you took in 2010?
i know. 
you think i'm going to say disney. 
but, wait, no!
i went to my parents' house with the kids over the summer.
for a whole week, not once, but twice. 
a definite highlight.

what was your favorite purchase in 2010?
iphone 4. 
for the record, i was totally against it.

what was the best book you read in 2010?
i recently started lemony snicket's "unfortunate events" series.
m and i are reading them together.
highly entertaining.

also, a few of the "wizard of oz" series.
and "the girl with the dragon tattoo" series.

"the taking" by dean koontz,
i couldn't put it down.

so many books,
so little time.

what changed about you in 2010?
i realized that i am ready to go back to work.
k will be starting kindergarten in the fall,
and i am kind of excited to see what's out there.
imagine, conversations, with grownups!

what made you cry in 2010?
m turning 9.
g turning 7.
k turning, gulp, 5.
it was all completely awful.

what is one home project you accomplished in 2010?
we didn't do too many home projects,
but we did repaint our upstairs main living area
(dining room, living room, hall, foyer)
the same color. 
yes, almost the exact same color as before,
just scrubbable satin this time instead of flat,
which i HAD to have when we moved in.
three kids later, i just don't know what i was thinking, really.

best meal of 2010?
we have a ladies' group that meets
at a different restaurant every month.
so i have had many, many good meals,
right here in pittsburgh.
there are so many great places
right in my own backyard.

paris 66.
i had the pissladiere (pizza, but way better)
and a salad.

yo rita's.
best taco i ever ate.
and a warm salad.

zaiaka indian restaurant.
yummy chana masala.
extremely close to my house.
many takeout nights.

mccormick and schmick's.
i actually went with mm this time.
it cost a small car payment,
but worth it, i think?

what made you want to scream in 2010?
the kids pushing their boundaries, hard.
emerging attitudes.
i'll be honest, i did some screaming in 2010.

what was your verse of 2010?
be still, and know that i am God (psalm 46:10)
i said this over and over in my head a lot.

what does your list look like?
i'd love to see.
thank you, waspy girl!