Thursday, October 29, 2009

sugar baby

we are home from k's halloween party.

so far k has eaten...
a pumpkin sugar cookie
juice bag
two packs of fruit snacks
sugar daddy lollipop

it isn't even lunchtime.
she's just getting warmed up.

another parade tomorrow.
then trick or treat.
and so it begins...

i am so proud.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

letters from the battlefront

my troops are admirable.
obviously, as i'm not writing this from the brig.

but lately i've been thinking of battles.
head to head.
toe to toe.
dude, was i this hard to break?

i've noticed battle intensity is connected with patience. my patience. because the troops never change. same personalities. everyday.
so it has to be patience that's making the difference on most fronts.

after eight years of parenting,
you'd think i'd have a battle plan.
as the four-star general, so to speak.
i'm getting there.

i'm taking the "lose the battle, win the war"
attitude with some conflicts.
it could sound defeatist to some,
but i prefer the term - laid back.

some of the battles i'm thinking of "losing"...

defcon five - g's freaking LOUD voice. kind of cute after school when he's telling me about his day, not so cute at 6am. i have shushed, pretended his ear is a volume control, flat out said, "you are screaming, bud." over and over and over. not working. does this really matter? really? no, let it go. let him be who he is. loud and proud. (k is shaping up to be even louder, must conserve energy)

defcon four - running. do new recruits have to run everywhere? absolutely. no matter what, they just have to run. so besides not running on the stairs, with a toothbrush, machine gun, or scissors, i've got to let this one go as well. should save 2-3 rants a day, at least.

defcon three - clothes. ah, clothes. the "omg, you don't seriously want to wear that?" battle. i've tried to be tactful, tried redirecting, distraction tactics. but when they get something in their little heads, it's over. and mm is no better at outfit assembly than the troops. so really, i just have to wave the white flag on this one. shopping with cinderella or recruits in swimsuits/snow boots can actually be kind of fun. entertaining, even.

defcon two - food/could you please just sit still for five seconds? this one is sticky. i can remember sitting at the table until i finished (fill-in-the-blank) for what seemed like eons. i don't appear to be affected by this, as i will eat pretty much anything. except oatmeal, raisins, and oatmeal with raisins - yes i'm talking to you, mother. the problem for our troops is they can't sit still to save their lives. it is borderline ridiculous. like a not-so-nice evening game of whiny musical chairs. and the battle is multi-faceted in the sense that the leaders are in conflict on how to proceed. delightful. we seem to be at a standstill on this one. i'd like to let something go, but i'm not sure what, or how. dinner is definitely touchy territory.

defcon one - clutter. the "you little noobs are destroying our base!" battle. i don't honestly think on most rational days that they are flithin' it up just to annoy me. most days. other days i suspect mutiny. they create mounds of dirty dishes, dirty clothes, dirty bodies. they use the bathroom 42 seconds after i clean it. and i mean like a giant #2 in the sparkly clean toilet. grr. they use towels with reckless abandon. crumbs fall like bombs 24/7. they spill, we scrub, they spill. it is exhausting. something's got to give, but i'm too afraid to let it go, we could be condemned. seriously.

what battles are raging in your sector?
are you ready to wave the white flag?

Monday, October 26, 2009

carving pumpkins with my kids, husband, and pms

don't ya just hate it when
the title gives everything away?

(zerg, evil eye, wubbzy, and patrick)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

lysol lady

when i was in high school, i had this friend.
his mom sprayed everything with lysol.
the lysol lady.

we thought it was most hilarious.
jokes flourished.

mm just bought our first can of lysol.
expensive little bugger.
kills h1n1.
and lots of other germies.
i am spraying everything.
until spring.
i have gone lysol loco.

mrs. marilyn would be so proud.
call me lysol lady junior.
down with germs!

Friday, October 23, 2009

buffalo plaid

i think i just got rid of mine last year.
no lie.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

alcohol awareness

m and i were on our way home from gymnastics.
we like to catch up when it's just the two of us.
well, i like to catch up with her, anyway.

"did you know alcohol can affect your brain
and make you lose your balance?"


"and it can make your reaction time a lot slower."

where is this coming from?
"where'd ya learn all of these fun facts?"

"at school, in health."

i KNEW i should have home-schooled!
"that's cool."

"you and daddy drink alcohol."

"yeah, somtimes."

"that's what i told mrs. p."


"yeah, i told her that daddy has a beer,
then a few weeks later has another.
she said that was o-kay."

"oh good."

"how come he doesn't lose his balance?"

"oh, because he is so big, he'd probably have
to have more than one for it to affect him."

"what about you?"

"probably more than one."
well, like one and a half. but who's counting?

"can i have cereal when we get home?"

the end.
good lord.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

belly laugh

i have not had a belly laugh this good in a long while.
i am still crying laughing as i type this.
our children were born here.
all three of them.
lord help us.

thanks hjm!


taking inventory...
can you guess where?

hooded sweatshirts

ping pong balls

princess/dora books

pant hangers
brand new toilet brushes
happy meal toys

winter coat
beach hat
princess crown
pair of sweatpants
jean jacket
dora jacket
pair of jeans
purple shirt
lunch box
pop tart
pair of socks
gift bag
seashell book
pokemon book
ccd folder
scotch tape
plastic goldfish
pink flip flop
pair of keds
bakugan card
care bear movie
important receipt
box of crayons
pair of scissors
pair of pink sunglasses
bag o' bulletin board supplies

and a partridge in a pear tree.
hint - the answer is not my purse.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

dear hot lady

dear hot lady,

perhaps you did not get the memo. no one should look that hot dropping off her kid at preschool. seriously, you are making the rest of us look frazzled.

hello! you are supposed to arrive - in your pajama pants. then return two hours later for pick-up looking hot. or at least clean.

also, no one should have to wear heels that early in the morning. although, they were hot boots. maybe you are the nanny? or not? do people often mistake you for the nanny?

wow. that would be awesome.


Monday, October 19, 2009

train wreck

we just got back from k's gymnastics class.
i am so enjoying watching her do her thing.

but today i spent most of my time staring.
at a mom with three kids. boys.
four, two, and can't be more than a few weeks.

the four-year-old was in the gym.
the other two were in the lobby.

it was seriously like a train wreck.
i could not look away.

because - she looked just like me.
almost four years ago.
all those memories came rushing back.

trying to nurse the baby.
changing diapers. x2.
the water fountain.
climbing everything.
throwing toys.
coats. shoes. hats.

it was then i realized,
even though it doesn't always seem like it,
we've sure come a long way, babies!

Friday, October 16, 2009

shrimp and feta

the kids are having hot dogs and mac 'n cheese.
but the grownups just aren't up for kid food tonight.
not when one of us has been dining in, uh, paris.

this is a fabulous dinner for company.
it is much better with fresh shrimp from ocean isle.
but grocery store shrimp is okay in a pinch.

jay cook's shrimp and feta
1/4 c. olive oil
3/4 tsp. basil
1/2 tsp. oregano
1/4 tsp. salt
1/4 tsp. pepper
red pepper flakes (to taste)
1/2 tsp. garlic, crushed
28 oz. tomatoes, canned
1/4 c. white wine
2 lbs. shrimp
2/3 cup feta
8 oz. pasta (linguine is good)

cook shrimp until pink. spread in baking dish and sprinkle with feta cheese. combine first 9 ingredients and simmer 10 minutes. pour over shrimp and feta, cover loosely. bake at 400 degrees for 10-20 minutes. cook pasta and serve with shrimp mixture poured on top.


first comes... kissing?

we received a most excellent treat for halloween.
the hannah montana movie.

we have watched it several times already.
and will probably wear it out over the next few weeks.

i mostly like it because it's not a cartoon.
actual, live people, so novel!

since watching,
k has equated kissing with marriage.
every time there is a kissing scene,
she squeals, "ooh, they are getting married!"

to which m and g groan,
"no they are not."
k screeches,
"yes they are."

so when grandmother was here she set them straight.
"if they kiss does that mean they are getting married?"
they asked.

"yes... yes, it does."
she answered, matter-of-factly.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

miles apart

day one.
he says, "the flight was long, but the train ride was nice."
she says, "k tried to pee standing up."
he says, "how'd that go?"
she says, "not well."

day two.
he says, "i saw the bayeux tapestry!"
she says, "i filled the car with gas!"
he says, "all by yourself?"
she says, "amazing, huh?"

day three.
he says, "i'm standing on utah beach."
she says, "i ran over a squirrel."
he says, "are you serious?"
she says, "pretty much."

day four.
he says, "i'm touring omaha beach, where my grandfather arrived."
she says, "our dream house is for sale, we have to act fast."
he says, "you are stressing me out."
she says, "seriously?"

day five.
he says, "i'm looking at notre dame cathedral right now."
she says, "i shopped while the kids* watched a movie in the car."
he says, "we had communion."
she says, "we ate at red robin."

day six.
he says, "the louvre is amazing!"
she says, "the kids are home from school for columbus day!"
he says, "do you think you'd like a scarf?"
she says, "hell yes i want a scarf."

day seven.
he says, "i touched the eiffel tower."
she says, "my mom left this morning."
he says, "did you look at the house?"
she says, "yes, i bought it. haha."

day eight.
he says, "the next time i talk to you i'll be home."
she says, "thank goodness."
he says, "you would like it here."
she says, "yes, but i like you here better."

*with grandmother, sheesh.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

award worthy

i got an award ya'll!

the ringmaster over at traveling circus and osma (one-sided momma) think i'm hot. well, creative. creatively hot? ooh, that sounds good.

to those who are nominated: here are the "rules" of the award:
you must thank the person who has given you this award*
copy the logo onto your blog (in post or sidebar)*
link to the person who nominated you for the award*
name 7 things about yourself people may find interesting*
nominate 7 other Kreativ bloggers*
post links to the 7 blogs you nominated*
leave a comment on each nominee's blog to let them know*

first thanks to the ringmaster. i adore her because she juggles it all so well. family, marriage, kids, career. if something drops, she picks it up. and keeps juggling. she is honest. she puts a new spin on all those plates she has in the air. just when i think i have her figured out, she surprises me again. she is made for circus life. i check her blog often enough to be considered a stalker. but a perfectly normal stalker. uh, yeah, normal.

another round of thanks to osma. i appreciate her compliments because they come from someone i feel has a real talent for writing/blogging. i check in for a daily breeze of fresh air. it fills my heart and soul. she is so refreshing. creative. unique. she sees her blessings clearly. this helps me to see mine. for that i am grateful. and again with the stalking. geez.

ok - next - 7 things about me - you might think are interesting...

- i believe with all my heart that i can find everything i need in life, at marshalls.
- i am a freaky neat freak. so is mm. our kids are not.
- i am afraid of raisins and the dark. in that order.
- you couldn't comprehend what a hypochondriac i am.
- cash burns a hole in my pocket.
- i could probably live on skor bars and dr. pepper indefinitely.
- i have been known to hug trees.

besides the links on the left, i don't follow a lot of blogs publicly, see, i am a stalker! but i will take you through my "train of links" on a typical day... if you get a chance, take a peek, highly entertaining. the nominees are...

1. my big fat italian/polish family - life in the 'burgh, new baby, and bachelor/bachelorette episode summaries! what more could you ask for?
2. am i waspy? - one woman's inner struggle (?) with waspiness. love. it. also links to her baby blog, journaling to munchkinland.
3. real simple - probably the most hilarious blog i read.
4. pittsburghmom - ok, she created the site, but she also blogs. pretty terrific.
5. annemade - she inspires me to order all her kits, then i don't, but i still want to someday. her work blog also links to her family blog, childbearing has stolen their brains. beautiful baby and gorgeous pictures.
6. women running from houses - if this isn't freaking creative, i don't know what is. i smile just thinking about it. my "running" outfit is all picked out. be prepared, i always say.
7. silver age gold - a great (but not old) friend from high school. he is teaching me more about comics than i ever wanted to know. or thought i ever wanted to know. anyway, i want to know now. whatever, i'm enjoying.

now i'm off to catch up.
and thanks again for the award.
aw, shucks.

Monday, October 12, 2009

seemed like such a great idea

i really, really wanted this.

bertolli oven bake meals.
chicken parm and penne.
to solve all my dinner issues.

eck. don't bother.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

viva la france

mm just left for france.
(this is not the code word for a meltdown)

please let him...
try new food
eat cheese
and chocolate
drink lots of coffee
walk on the beach at normandy
touch the eiffel tower
not get arrested for buying a fake purse
buy the real purse! (fingers crossed)
see some art
drink some wine
enjoy his father's company
remember which swatch watch i want
not get blisters
be safe
miss us, please, miss us

i know i've said before how much he does around here.
but good god, that man does a lot around here!
i am in charge of the trash and recycling, and am very nervous.

please let me...
keep it together
try new food
eat cheese
and chocolate
drink lots of coffee
walk through the woods with the kids
touch the fall leaves
not get arrested for forgetting someone somewhere
buy some toilet paper*
see some art in my kids' eyes
drink some wine
enjoy my mother's company
remember homework
remind mm which swatch watch i want
not get blisters
be patient
miss him, oh, how we will miss him.

i'm practicing my funny daddy voices for stories as we speak.
and please pray that i don't leave for france.
(this is the code word for a meltdown)

*seriously, we are critically low.

Monday, October 5, 2009

bacon vegetarian

over the past few months i've become increasing disgusted with... meat.

i can't explain it. i can't look at ground beef. or ground turkey.
i make it for the kids, then eat something else. like cereal.

chicken tastes like yuckiness. even chick-fil-a chicken.
and don't get me started on nuggets.

i have ordered cheeseburgers at restaurants, normally my favorites, and haven't enjoyed them.
at all.

i can't even eat a fish sandwich.

my love knew no bounds - i was a double pepperoni pizza, hot dog with slaw, sausage biscuit and gravy girl.

bleck, bleck and bleck.

what is happening to me?

the only thing i have left is bacon.
sweet bacon.
is there such thing as a bacon vegetarian?
or do you think there is soy bacon out there somewhere?

in the meantime, i'm looking for vegetarian recipes.
cereal isn't working.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

zoozilla 5K

zoozilla, 5K, this morning.

mostly* uphill. i ran the whole way.
my time was under 40 minutes. barely.

whoever said, "oh, the zoo will be easy to run through without a double stroller, front pack, diaper bag, and four tons of snacks!" should be punched.

wait. that was me.
never mind.

p.s. hate you, polar bear hill.
p.s.s. i got passed by a lady with a stroller.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

dearest merrell

dearest merrell,

the search for new hiking boots has finally ended.
mm has tried on every hiking boot in pittsburgh.
every hiking boot in huntington, wv.
and every hiking boot in buffalo, ny.

the search had spanned several years.
the actual number is too ridiculous to type.

his feet will now be dry when he shovels snow.
when he walks downtown this winter.
when he goes to hockey games.
when he plays with the kids outside.

he says yours are the most comfortable he's ever worn.
i've been telling him this for a while.

i'm not exactly sure what we will talk about now.
but thank you from the bottom of my shopped-out heart.


Thursday, October 1, 2009

wordless thursday

i asked my father to send a picture of me from track.

this arrived.

i am wordless.