Monday, October 19, 2009

train wreck

we just got back from k's gymnastics class.
i am so enjoying watching her do her thing.

but today i spent most of my time staring.
at a mom with three kids. boys.
four, two, and can't be more than a few weeks.

the four-year-old was in the gym.
the other two were in the lobby.

it was seriously like a train wreck.
i could not look away.

because - she looked just like me.
almost four years ago.
all those memories came rushing back.

trying to nurse the baby.
changing diapers. x2.
the water fountain.
climbing everything.
throwing toys.
coats. shoes. hats.

it was then i realized,
even though it doesn't always seem like it,
we've sure come a long way, babies!


One Sided Momma said...

truly don't know how you moms of three do it. it's like juggling chainsaws w/two so my brain can't even imagine one more to top it off. much respect to you, crk, and the train wreck lady too.

pajama mom said...

juggling two chainsaws,
juggling three chainsaws...