Monday, October 5, 2009

bacon vegetarian

over the past few months i've become increasing disgusted with... meat.

i can't explain it. i can't look at ground beef. or ground turkey.
i make it for the kids, then eat something else. like cereal.

chicken tastes like yuckiness. even chick-fil-a chicken.
and don't get me started on nuggets.

i have ordered cheeseburgers at restaurants, normally my favorites, and haven't enjoyed them.
at all.

i can't even eat a fish sandwich.

my love knew no bounds - i was a double pepperoni pizza, hot dog with slaw, sausage biscuit and gravy girl.

bleck, bleck and bleck.

what is happening to me?

the only thing i have left is bacon.
sweet bacon.
is there such thing as a bacon vegetarian?
or do you think there is soy bacon out there somewhere?

in the meantime, i'm looking for vegetarian recipes.
cereal isn't working.


One Sided Momma said...

have you been here yet? good recipes, some vegan too i believe...

pajama mom said...

she has pad thai, i'm in.