Thursday, April 30, 2009

tooth fairy

"dear tooth fairy,

i lost another tooth already! i would like a 500 dollar bill. or you could give me a justice gift card or some pairs of earrings.

tooth loser,

apparently the 2 dollar bills just aren't cuttin' it...

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

winner dinner

our whole family ate this. so i thought i'd share... (update - the second time i made this - it didn't go over quite as well - back to the drawing board...)

tomato tortellini soup*

1 can tomato bisque soup
1 can veggie broth
1/2 of a container of chive cream cheese
9 oz. or more of your favorite tortellini**
snipped fresh chives for garnish - optional

**we like the barilla three cheese - comes in a bag

cook tortellini in one pot
heat the rest in another pot (use a whisk)
transfer drained tortellini into soup mixture
garnish with chives


i did keep some of the tortellini "plain" for two picky eaters, but we still ALL ate the same meal. it was great!

do you have a winner dinner to share?

*original recipe from better homes and gardens, i've tweaked it a bit, but not much.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


dang! blindsided by yet another kid fad... mania pencil toppers.

at least these "guys" are cheap. if you see them in a gumball machine near you, get one. give it to the next kid you see and watch the smile. or save it for my kid.

just one more thing to keep track of...

"mom, where is my pokemon book?"
"mom, where are my pokemon cards?"
"mom, where are the bakugans?"
"mom, where is my webkin?"


i've already crawled under beds to rescue them. i've already washed them in with the laundry. AND i've already broken up an argument as to whether the squishy is a "boy" or a "girl" - yes, there is a way to tell, i'll let your kid show you.

here we go again...

oh, and a p.s. for MY mom - where are my smelly stickers?

Monday, April 20, 2009


me driving -
is that person turning?
i should slow down just in case.
where did all that litter come from?
i hate litter.
oh, look at those gorgeous window boxes.
did they paint their front door?
is that person turning?
wonder if they are going to max and erma's?
mmm, i love max and erma's.
that light turned yellow.
should i go? stop? go? stop?
i'll go.
no - stop.
why yes, i'll let you go in front of me.
is that a fiero?
that is funny.
is that person turning?
i don't see any blinkers.
that orange car is driving too fast.
i love orange cars.
oh, a dead deer.
wonder why don't they come and pick it up?
and that litter too.
i need to take the library books back.
that person is tailgating me.
i hate tailgaters.
four way stop.
his turn, her turn, his turn.
my turn.
i need new windshield wipers.
what's the speed limit anyway?
is that person turning?

mm driving -
press gas pedal.
brake at last possible second.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

snips and snails

boy, n. : a noise with dirt on it.

~not your average dictionary

Friday, April 17, 2009

life is good

i bought these pants yesterday at marshall's.

on clearance. of course.

this is what they looked like last night when k took them off for a bath. (the bath water didn't fair much better)

let's see - sidewalk chalk, paint, grass stains, and dirt.

life is good, indeed.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

driving down the road

almost heaven, west virginia
blue ridge mountains, shenandoah river
life is old there, older than the trees
younger than the mountains, blowing like a breeze

country roads, take me home
to the place, i belong
west virginia, mountain mama
take me home, country roads

all my memories, gather 'round her
miner's lady, stranger to blue water
dark and dusty, painted on the sky
misty taste of moonshine, teardrop in my eye

country roads, take me home
to the place, i belong
west virginia, mountain mama
take me home, country roads

i hear her voice, in the morning hours she calls to me
the radio reminds me of my home far away
and driving down the road i get a feeling
that i should have been home yesterday, yesterday

country roads, take me home
to the place, i belong
west virginia, mountain mama
take me home, country roads

Friday, April 3, 2009

bestest buy

g got a pokedex for valentine's day.

a complete guide to ALL things pokemon. he spends a LOT of time looking "guys" up. he finds the name, which page to go to, and whips right to the page. pretty impressive.

so when he got an invitation to j's birthday party, the choice of gift was easy. a pokedex, of course, just like g's.

i went to the bookstore and found one in terrible condition. ("terrible condition" to me means - anything less than perfect)

driving away, i had a thought to stop in best buy just to see if they might have something like a pokedex. k and i walked in and found them with the video game guides. $12.99. perfect condition. perfect present. i took it to the register, got my mac card ready, and the gal said, "your total is one penny."

"ONE PENNY?!?!?" i said.

"one penny." she said.

"what?!?!?" i said.

"yeah, they mark stuff down really low sometimes." she said.

i'll say. so i excused myself and went back to the shelf. i picked up the other four books and took them to the register. my total was FIVE CENTS. i gave her a dime, and got a nickel in return.

it was the most bizarre experience of my life in quite a while. and i live a very bizarre life.

this begs the question - what the heck else is in best buy for one penny?

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


finally! this cookie actually has pomegranate in it!
well, pomegranate juice concentrate, but still.

and super yummy! hurray!