Monday, April 20, 2009


me driving -
is that person turning?
i should slow down just in case.
where did all that litter come from?
i hate litter.
oh, look at those gorgeous window boxes.
did they paint their front door?
is that person turning?
wonder if they are going to max and erma's?
mmm, i love max and erma's.
that light turned yellow.
should i go? stop? go? stop?
i'll go.
no - stop.
why yes, i'll let you go in front of me.
is that a fiero?
that is funny.
is that person turning?
i don't see any blinkers.
that orange car is driving too fast.
i love orange cars.
oh, a dead deer.
wonder why don't they come and pick it up?
and that litter too.
i need to take the library books back.
that person is tailgating me.
i hate tailgaters.
four way stop.
his turn, her turn, his turn.
my turn.
i need new windshield wipers.
what's the speed limit anyway?
is that person turning?

mm driving -
press gas pedal.
brake at last possible second.


Cristie Ritz King said...

Were you in my car today? Seriously, it's dangerous. We shouldn't be on the road-moms with kids-and yet we have to be ALL DAY!!!

pajama mom said...

yeah, i left out all the stuff that goes on in the seats behind me - and all the crazy things i say and do... i would probably lose my license. :)