Wednesday, April 22, 2009


dang! blindsided by yet another kid fad... mania pencil toppers.

at least these "guys" are cheap. if you see them in a gumball machine near you, get one. give it to the next kid you see and watch the smile. or save it for my kid.

just one more thing to keep track of...

"mom, where is my pokemon book?"
"mom, where are my pokemon cards?"
"mom, where are the bakugans?"
"mom, where is my webkin?"


i've already crawled under beds to rescue them. i've already washed them in with the laundry. AND i've already broken up an argument as to whether the squishy is a "boy" or a "girl" - yes, there is a way to tell, i'll let your kid show you.

here we go again...

oh, and a p.s. for MY mom - where are my smelly stickers?


Ann said...

don't let your kids attempt to stick their squishies to their head....they create a nice suction that is not easy to get off!

I so totally remember smelly stickers too! And puffy stickers!!

pajama mom said...

lol! that is a blog post for sure!