Friday, April 3, 2009

bestest buy

g got a pokedex for valentine's day.

a complete guide to ALL things pokemon. he spends a LOT of time looking "guys" up. he finds the name, which page to go to, and whips right to the page. pretty impressive.

so when he got an invitation to j's birthday party, the choice of gift was easy. a pokedex, of course, just like g's.

i went to the bookstore and found one in terrible condition. ("terrible condition" to me means - anything less than perfect)

driving away, i had a thought to stop in best buy just to see if they might have something like a pokedex. k and i walked in and found them with the video game guides. $12.99. perfect condition. perfect present. i took it to the register, got my mac card ready, and the gal said, "your total is one penny."

"ONE PENNY?!?!?" i said.

"one penny." she said.

"what?!?!?" i said.

"yeah, they mark stuff down really low sometimes." she said.

i'll say. so i excused myself and went back to the shelf. i picked up the other four books and took them to the register. my total was FIVE CENTS. i gave her a dime, and got a nickel in return.

it was the most bizarre experience of my life in quite a while. and i live a very bizarre life.

this begs the question - what the heck else is in best buy for one penny?

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