Monday, June 29, 2009


it's not just for graduate school anymore.

mediterranean curry, yeah baby.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

where the h*ll is build-a-bear? (part two)

this weekend...
i got out all the ds cases.
(you know, just in case someone actually put something away)
made a list.
m and i checked off the list one by one.
they are all there.

except build-a-bear.

and dora.
and enchanted.

this part could also be called no steps forward, two steps back.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

where the heck is build-a-bear? (part one)

we (and i don't mean me) lost the build-a-bear ds game.
we (and i mean me) have looked everywhere.
torn the car apart.
even papa has searched.

there was a time in my life when my mind was a steel trap. i could meet you once, talk to you for a while, then next time could remember your name, what you were wearing, your kids' first and middle names... i knew where everything in this house was. how many pieces went with each toy. fifty mega blocks. twelve shape sorters. etc.

after three kids, i can't even remember what i had for breakfast.
or if i ate breakfast?
i should probably go eat breakfast.

all the trivial stuff, like your kids' middle names (no offense) is gone, but i do know every little thing about my kids, so i suppose it's all relative, but i still don't know where everything is in our house.

does this bother me? yes!

so where the heck is build-a-bear? i'm completely obsessed. there are hundreds of things i should be doing this summer, but i am only focused on one. finding. that. game.

i moved the couches. as i was moving them, i noticed there were "things" in the bottom of the couches. a whole lot of things. not in the part you can reach, behind that, and down. i flipped them on their sides and reached in. i was so hopeful. i did not find the game. but i found some treasures nonetheless...

wooden spoon
milk ring - cat toy
fake makeup - the princess was overjoyed
plastic clip-on earring
pizza toppings - been looking for those, count has been off
lego missile
train track - really been looking for this
princess pen
box 'o raisins - empty
foil from recalled chocolate coins?
matchbox car
cheerios - i have spared you the actual number
birthday candle
glass starfish - ???
hair clip
baby nail clippers - really, really been looking for these
equal sign fridge magnet - who even cares?
yogos - i have spared you the actual number
my comb
AND a ds game! - but it is cars, AND i didn't even know that one was missing!

one smashed toe later, a lesson learned -
build-a-bear is not in the couches...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


m is not a baby anymore. or a toddler. or a preschooler. or even a kindergartner. she is a soon-to-be third grader. and i have to admit, soon-to-be third graders rock.

she mostly listens. she eats. she sleeps. she can take a shower. make her bed. make a waffle.

she is funny, smart, helpful, and thoughtful. rock on.

we have been putting the "little" kids to bed and reading or watching hgtv. one night we were watching house hunters and m says, "that lady says incredible, a lot."

i answer, "i guess we all have things that we like to say. like what do i say, a lot?"

"stop?" she says.

Monday, June 22, 2009

ugly shoes 2

when i picked them up, mm said,

"i knew you would."

Sunday, June 21, 2009

37 things i might not know how to do

if it weren't for my dad...

spit watermelon seeds
drive a car
be thoughtful
mow grass
check tire pressure
flip a burger
fly a kite
throw a football
ride a roller coaster
shoot pool
ride a bike
listen to classical music
roast a marshmallow
hammer a nail
crack a crab
swing a golf club
light fireworks
be patient
eat lemons
tie a shoe
love nature
find sand dollars
take care of veggie gardens
use a pocketknife
microwave ice cream
be grateful
bait a hook
wear chuck taylors
go to sunday school
build a fire
dust off and try again
sing in the choir
catch a fly ball

happy father's day!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

peppermint castile

i received a most excellent gift from mm's aunt pat in nyc.
dr. woods pure peppermint castile soap.

"for everyday use as a body wash, facial cleanser, shampoo, shaving lather and dental wash. also excellent as a mild laundry detergent."

but wait! that's not all!

"natural cleaning - use 4 parts water to 1 part dr. woods for dishes, floors, counters and more!"

guess that just about covers it. plus it is organic. double bonus.

Monday, June 15, 2009

pride and prejudice

ok - so i am merely 200 years overdue perusing this one...

and although jane's writing style is not wholly altogether indecipherable, i did on various occasion find myself not lacking in absolute misunderstanding, but scanning through recently finished passages anyway in attempt to comprehend whether or not i had secured information required for progressing to the next chapter.

all of this matter was made exceedingly more difficult by my task of reading whilst galloping in our carriage with husband and offspring, with obviously more chatter from the latter and which in most instances becoming quite intolerable and thus requiring me to plug-eth my ears in a most unattractive manner.

i sincerely adored the book - but i must admit around page 300 -
i did scream aloud in a completely savage and uncivilized tone,


on to sense and sensibility.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

dear judy

dear judy, the extremely gifted electrolysis lady,

where have you been all my life?

pj mom

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

positive discipline

i read it. want to make something of it?

on the whole, a great book.

there was this one section, however, about "natural consequences" - apparently children learn best by this method.

for example, you run on the stairs, you fall, you learn not to run on the stairs...

bwah-ha-ha-ha! has she met my children?!?