Thursday, June 25, 2009

where the heck is build-a-bear? (part one)

we (and i don't mean me) lost the build-a-bear ds game.
we (and i mean me) have looked everywhere.
torn the car apart.
even papa has searched.

there was a time in my life when my mind was a steel trap. i could meet you once, talk to you for a while, then next time could remember your name, what you were wearing, your kids' first and middle names... i knew where everything in this house was. how many pieces went with each toy. fifty mega blocks. twelve shape sorters. etc.

after three kids, i can't even remember what i had for breakfast.
or if i ate breakfast?
i should probably go eat breakfast.

all the trivial stuff, like your kids' middle names (no offense) is gone, but i do know every little thing about my kids, so i suppose it's all relative, but i still don't know where everything is in our house.

does this bother me? yes!

so where the heck is build-a-bear? i'm completely obsessed. there are hundreds of things i should be doing this summer, but i am only focused on one. finding. that. game.

i moved the couches. as i was moving them, i noticed there were "things" in the bottom of the couches. a whole lot of things. not in the part you can reach, behind that, and down. i flipped them on their sides and reached in. i was so hopeful. i did not find the game. but i found some treasures nonetheless...

wooden spoon
milk ring - cat toy
fake makeup - the princess was overjoyed
plastic clip-on earring
pizza toppings - been looking for those, count has been off
lego missile
train track - really been looking for this
princess pen
box 'o raisins - empty
foil from recalled chocolate coins?
matchbox car
cheerios - i have spared you the actual number
birthday candle
glass starfish - ???
hair clip
baby nail clippers - really, really been looking for these
equal sign fridge magnet - who even cares?
yogos - i have spared you the actual number
my comb
AND a ds game! - but it is cars, AND i didn't even know that one was missing!

one smashed toe later, a lesson learned -
build-a-bear is not in the couches...

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cristie said...

I think the third kids comes sliding out with your brain in hand. That's my theory. I'm way dumber (yes, dumber) than I was with one and two. I do love couch findings though-it's like going to the toy store but with old junky stuff. It's at least a day of fun for the kids.
Hope your toe feels better.