Tuesday, June 23, 2009


m is not a baby anymore. or a toddler. or a preschooler. or even a kindergartner. she is a soon-to-be third grader. and i have to admit, soon-to-be third graders rock.

she mostly listens. she eats. she sleeps. she can take a shower. make her bed. make a waffle.

she is funny, smart, helpful, and thoughtful. rock on.

we have been putting the "little" kids to bed and reading or watching hgtv. one night we were watching house hunters and m says, "that lady says incredible, a lot."

i answer, "i guess we all have things that we like to say. like what do i say, a lot?"

"stop?" she says.

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Cristie Ritz King said...

Love it!
We have taken to keeping our oldest up later on Friday nights and watching movies with her. It is pretty fun, I must say. Nice to have a little friend around when the boys make we want to run screaming into the streets.