Wednesday, September 10, 2008

ugly shoes

ever wonder who buys the "ugly" shoes?

it's me!

i own it, i admit it, i love "ugly" shoes...

these sweet merrells are my latest purchase. mine are blue where the white is and white where the blue is - think opposite.

guaranteed, my hubby can walk into a shoe store, scan the merchandise, and immediately know which shoes i am going to pick up. really. it is one of his favorite pastimes.

sometimes i worry i'm picking out "ugly" shoes for my kids. m is old enough to make that face, the same one my friends usually make when i point to the shoes i like. very similar to the one my mother makes as well...

anybody else have a soft spot for "ugly" shoes?


Anonymous said...

that's genetic too. i still wear my canvas converse all-stars which your mom hates. remember those?


pajama mom said...

almost time for a new pair - plus - this year - they are in style.

Anonymous said...

I love the shoes! I have this pair that is black with a silvery/gold area on it and everyone compliments me on them though I am sure it is only because I wear them with my suits for walking. Any other outfit and they just wouldn't look right.

Mommy from the C-bus

(You were right - I don't have to sign up to comment now) FUN!