Thursday, September 18, 2008

school daze

i haven't been posting much (anything) about school.

that is because my kindergartner is having a rough time. therefore, i am having a rough time.

it reminds me of the email that went around a few years ago, where the kid is packing up his stuff to go home at lunchtime. the teacher tells him that he is going to be there all day. he looks at her and says, "well, who the hell signed me up for this?"

g seems to be fine once he gets there. the teacher tells me he participates, he is friendly, happy, etc. when he gets home, however, he starts. telling me he feels sick, he wants to stay home and play, he misses me... seriously? he misses me? does he remember i spend a good portion of my day reprimanding him - read - yelling?

then at the bus stop, those giant tears! hanging onto my leg. kissing my hand so i can hold it to my cheek. asking me 100 times if i'll stop by and visit him. it rips my heart out.

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