Thursday, October 22, 2009

alcohol awareness

m and i were on our way home from gymnastics.
we like to catch up when it's just the two of us.
well, i like to catch up with her, anyway.

"did you know alcohol can affect your brain
and make you lose your balance?"


"and it can make your reaction time a lot slower."

where is this coming from?
"where'd ya learn all of these fun facts?"

"at school, in health."

i KNEW i should have home-schooled!
"that's cool."

"you and daddy drink alcohol."

"yeah, somtimes."

"that's what i told mrs. p."


"yeah, i told her that daddy has a beer,
then a few weeks later has another.
she said that was o-kay."

"oh good."

"how come he doesn't lose his balance?"

"oh, because he is so big, he'd probably have
to have more than one for it to affect him."

"what about you?"

"probably more than one."
well, like one and a half. but who's counting?

"can i have cereal when we get home?"

the end.
good lord.


One Sided Momma said...

i 100% thought m was going to ask for a beer when you got home.

pajama mom said...

that would have sent me swerving off the road!

Anonymous said...

love it! always remember that you never do know what your kids tell their teachers!!!

Ann said...

oops, that anonymous would be me:)