Sunday, October 4, 2009

zoozilla 5K

zoozilla, 5K, this morning.

mostly* uphill. i ran the whole way.
my time was under 40 minutes. barely.

whoever said, "oh, the zoo will be easy to run through without a double stroller, front pack, diaper bag, and four tons of snacks!" should be punched.

wait. that was me.
never mind.

p.s. hate you, polar bear hill.
p.s.s. i got passed by a lady with a stroller.



One Sided Momma said...

reading this makes my shins hurt. uphill blows so you should be doubly proud. rock on, pjmom!

p.s. my husband (who shops with every turn of a century) just bought himself merrells today. this is the first time i've ever heard of them and there they are twice in one breath! a big weekend for merrells evidently.

Anonymous said...

So impressed! Another one!!

Anonymous said...

whoops - that was from me LM! my next race is 10/24. Great pumpkin race. I think the top 200 get free pumpkin pies.

pajama mom said...

osma - best shoes ever! i love their sandals.

la - i would run in the snow for a free pumpkin pie! yum!