Sunday, October 25, 2009

lysol lady

when i was in high school, i had this friend.
his mom sprayed everything with lysol.
the lysol lady.

we thought it was most hilarious.
jokes flourished.

mm just bought our first can of lysol.
expensive little bugger.
kills h1n1.
and lots of other germies.
i am spraying everything.
until spring.
i have gone lysol loco.

mrs. marilyn would be so proud.
call me lysol lady junior.
down with germs!


One Sided Momma said...

yay- lysol lady lives on! ashamed to admit we don't have one lysol bottle in the house, can you believe me? soon to be remedied b/c it's too dangerous w/h1n1 not to have one. so go ahead w/your lysol loco self, i applaud the effort and will be doing same here!

pajama mom said...

i'm also rethinking the whole vaccination thing. yeah, i'm freaking out.

Ann said...

I bought Lysol today too. Target was almost completely out of Lysol!!! Oh, and I had a coupon:)

Spectergirl said...

I am totally going to buy lysol now. Darn.

pajama mom said...

i'm getting lysol wipes also.

usually i'm big into no chemicals, blah, blah, green, blah, but for this winter i am dousing everything in sight.

i'm even thinking of spraying the kids before they come into the house after school.