Wednesday, October 14, 2009

miles apart

day one.
he says, "the flight was long, but the train ride was nice."
she says, "k tried to pee standing up."
he says, "how'd that go?"
she says, "not well."

day two.
he says, "i saw the bayeux tapestry!"
she says, "i filled the car with gas!"
he says, "all by yourself?"
she says, "amazing, huh?"

day three.
he says, "i'm standing on utah beach."
she says, "i ran over a squirrel."
he says, "are you serious?"
she says, "pretty much."

day four.
he says, "i'm touring omaha beach, where my grandfather arrived."
she says, "our dream house is for sale, we have to act fast."
he says, "you are stressing me out."
she says, "seriously?"

day five.
he says, "i'm looking at notre dame cathedral right now."
she says, "i shopped while the kids* watched a movie in the car."
he says, "we had communion."
she says, "we ate at red robin."

day six.
he says, "the louvre is amazing!"
she says, "the kids are home from school for columbus day!"
he says, "do you think you'd like a scarf?"
she says, "hell yes i want a scarf."

day seven.
he says, "i touched the eiffel tower."
she says, "my mom left this morning."
he says, "did you look at the house?"
she says, "yes, i bought it. haha."

day eight.
he says, "the next time i talk to you i'll be home."
she says, "thank goodness."
he says, "you would like it here."
she says, "yes, but i like you here better."

*with grandmother, sheesh.


Aaron Bias said...

This was such a sweet blog entry, I hate to poke fun. But you know I have to. I would love to see France, as my only international experience so far was a weekend in Niagara (Does EPCOT count?). However, I would like to point out that Red Robin beats a thimble full of wine (or even worse- drinking out of that unsanitary communal chalice)and a soda cracker any ol' day of the week.

One Sided Momma said...

can't wait to see the scarf and happy that the miles apart will soon be fewer. you made it! and only one squirrel had to meet his maker. sorry about that, by the way. sucks to be roadkill but even suckier to feel the thump under your tire and know it wasn't a shoe.

pajama mom said...

he just looked up at me and didn't move. it was terrible.