Friday, October 16, 2009

first comes... kissing?

we received a most excellent treat for halloween.
the hannah montana movie.

we have watched it several times already.
and will probably wear it out over the next few weeks.

i mostly like it because it's not a cartoon.
actual, live people, so novel!

since watching,
k has equated kissing with marriage.
every time there is a kissing scene,
she squeals, "ooh, they are getting married!"

to which m and g groan,
"no they are not."
k screeches,
"yes they are."

so when grandmother was here she set them straight.
"if they kiss does that mean they are getting married?"
they asked.

"yes... yes, it does."
she answered, matter-of-factly.


Anonymous said...

That is good to know for future reference. :) LA

pajama mom said...