Monday, November 8, 2010

happy parents aren't perfect

every now and again i pick up
a parenting book at the library.
i know.

usually i don't like what i read.
truth hurts, maybe?
but i kind of liked this one.
parts of it, anyway.
"are we having fun yet?"
16 secrets to happy parenting.

i especially loved this part,

"take time to lay each brick the right way -
one at a time.
if you miss a brick -
there will be a gaping hole.
if it goes in crooked,
not only will it look awful,
but it could weaken the wall.
if your wall is wobbly,
it won't stand up to the elements."
~kay willis

happy monday, fellow bricklayers!

1 comment:

One Sided Momma said...

very cool analogy. take time to mud each one down. i like that.