Friday, February 17, 2012

slow down you move too fast

last friday morning i agreed
to work so my friend could
go to her kids' valentine's parties
at school.

i left the house,
then i couldn't remember if i unplugged
the flat iron,
turned around,
(i had)
then headed out again.
as usual.

i drove past a policeman
who had some other poor schmuck
pulled over.

i kept going.
i was just driving my normal way,
not speeding at all,
or so i thought.

soon the lights were in my rear view mirror.
i thought he was going past me to catch
a bad guy.
so i pulled over a bit,
and he did too.

he asked for my license and registration,
proof of insurance.
surely i'll get a warning, i thought.
as soon as he sees what a squeaky clean
driver i am!

he walked back up, handed me the ticket
and said,
"slow down ma'am."
and walked away.
that was all.
no time for excuses.

i guess i do need to slow down.
$137.00 worth.
wiped out all the hours i had worked that week,
most likely.

on the way home i tried to go the speed limit.
and every day since then i have gone no more
than 5 miles over.
it is torture!
and everyone behind me hates me a lot.
a whole lot.

but he was right,
i was speeding,
thinking about other things.

so i will pay my fine,
and try, try, to slow down a bit.
kicking down the cobblestones.
feeling groovy.


Sherry Lucas said...

Omg I just got my first EVER speeding ticket within a few days of you! 55 in a 40 = FAIL. Totally deserved the ticket but I'm going to court to try to not get points bc of the distance I drive every day. Never been to traffic court so of course I'm pretty much picturing myself in jail ha. It is soooooo freaking hard to drive the speed limit!!!

pajama mom said...

ugh! since i paid mine, everyone has said i should have tried to get the points removed, so you should go for it!

Bonnie said...

I got a ticket last spring (and I deserved worse...DWD driving while drowsy)I sent the ticket in pleading guilty and got a call from the (little) town judge. She told me I should not plead guilty but should come in to court and the district attorney would be thereto review the charge. She said we pay too much to NYS already and she didn't want me to have points on my license (!) After ascertaining that this was indeed the judge I took her advice and I pled my charge down. I had a $100 parking ticket instead of a speeding ticket. You should know that your ticket in NY would have been more than twice what you paid.