Saturday, February 13, 2010

my quirky valentine

after spending half of my life
with the same valentine,
i have to say,
it's been an adventure.

i love all of mm's quirky little habits,
that not many people notice.
but i do.

so of course, in honor of
valentine's day,
i'm gonna tell ya'll a few
that i find most charming.

19 quirky things about mm
1. he pays cash. for everything. period.
2. he brings me a vitamin and a cup of water. every. night.
3. if you ask him to turn down the radio, he will reach over and pretend to turn it down. he is so convincing, it will take you years to figure this out.
4. he eats two packages of instant oatmeal for breakfast.
every. morning.
5. he listens to classical music. and enya. sshh.
6. he is a buffalo bills fan. i love this about him because it means he is loyal. and i would have to do something truly awful to lose his loyalty. like lose five superbowls. in a row.
7. he makes the best appletinis. ever.
8. every time he goes out with the guys, he brings me home a cheeseburger.
9. he used to do my economics homework. in his head.
"well, the answer is 42." he'd say, "but i don't know how you want to show it." um, okay.
10. when we were dating i got lots of letters from "tyrone" -
mm claims he wrote them. i am not so sure about this, and i often wonder how "tyrone" is doing and if he is happy.
11. he will tell you he doesn't dance. then he will have a few drinks and you will have to drag him off the dance floor.
12. he makes pancakes nearly every weekend.
13. he loves scary movies. i hate them. i pretended for a while, but then i couldn't sleep. at all. so now he goes to those movies with his dad, and i can sleep again. the end.
14. he goes to the gym at least 3 times a week. every week that i have known him.
15. he could pack all of his belongings into his car. and i probably wouldn't even notice anything was missing.
16. he is much handier than i give him credit for.
17. he does not "let" kids win the game. any game. ever.
18. he is a better parent than me. i absolutely love this about him.
19. he makes most decisions quickly, except when he's picking out a parking space.

bonus - 20. i keep him around because he loves to clean.

so, what do you love about your quirky sidekick?
happy valentine's day!


Bonnie said...

I always liked mm, especially when he was getting um, corrected for being silly. tyrone?

pajama mom said...

do you know tyrone?!?

One Sided Momma said...

i love that my quirky sidekick "dots" his exclamation points with a circle instead of a dot. like a 12 year old girl. i find it sweet, charming, and still somewhat disturbing. and his "Ms" are like two upside Vs that never touch in the middle. this one still boggles my mind but i love it.

pajama mom said...