Sunday, February 28, 2010

sunday confession

this week,
i filled a bag with kid clothes to donate.
then a friend called -
she had a bag of clothes
for g.

i accepted.

so now i'm right back where i started.

bonus confession - added monday.
g lost a tooth yesterday,
wrapped it in a tissue,
left it in our room.
we cleaned our bedroom.
like really, really cleaned it.
(we don't have to close the door
when people come over now!)
i threw the tooth away on accident.
when g was getting ready for bed,
i realized what i had done.
so i convinced him that kids write notes
to the tooth fairy all the time,
you know,
kids that swallow their teeth,
or kids that lose their teeth during
sports events and can't find them...
because i didn't want to go through the trash.
yes, i am that lazy sometimes.

anyway, he wrote this note,
"dear tooth fairy,
i lost my tooth,
then my mom threw it away."

i signed it too, for validation, duh.
"true story. pj."

he went to bed,
but then i felt so guilty,
i picked through the trash and found it.
(well, first i tried to bribe mm,
but he declined my many offers)
g was still awake,
so we made the switch.
and it's all good.
except for the lazy part.

what's your sunday confession?
the confessional is open.


One Sided Momma said...

i think digging through the trash for a lost tooth automatically reserves you the right for free stuff at marshalls. :) what an awesome mommy you are, pj.

pajama mom said...

thank you. :)