Monday, March 1, 2010

speaking of fairies

since we've had two posts in a row
mentioning fairies,
i thought i'd do a third.
i'm superstitious that way.
or ocd.

there has been lots of discussion
in our house this week of fairies.
i blame tinkerbell.
she's everywhere suddenly.
what's up with that?

back to discussions...
whether fairies exist or not?
how does she know when you've lost a tooth?
what does she use the teeth for anyway?
how does she carry the teeth?
what if you don't have the actual tooth?
will she still leave you money?
couldn't you just trick her that way?
how does she carry all of that money?
does she come every night to check?
if so, isn't that kinda creepy?

but fortunately for us,
m has a good friend, p,
who has seen the tooth fairy.
for real!

so whenever g has any doubts,
m describes the tooth fairy,
as told to her by p.

as tall as your hand,
pink outfit,
rainbow wings,

this testament erases all doubt.
and is awesome to witness.
thanks, p!

now, if we only had an easter bunny siting.


The Ghost Who Blogs said...

Hmm...I never thought about it, but superstition and OCD have a lot in common.

pajama mom said...


Bonnie said...

Did you know that there was a(n) Utopian society at Brocton, NY in the 1800s? They believed in fairies and believed they resided in women's breasts. No surprise the society was headed by a man. The fairies sang to communicate which does give one bizarre mental pictures.7632229

Bonnie said...

pay no attention to the numbers, fingers took on life of their own for a moment.....

pajama mom said...

i thought you were giving us the secret phone number for the fairy society!

One Sided Momma said...

i'm totally dialing 7632229. ask bonnie what the area code is. :)