Monday, March 8, 2010

share your stuff

our brownie troop has teamed up
with the elementary school
to collect shoes for
share your soles.

m has a bag of 7 pairs of shoes,
g has a bag of 4 pairs of shoes,
and k has a bag of 10 pairs of shoes,
to share.

this weekend we focused on the girls' room.
and since i missed sunday confession,
here's one for ya* -
m is much better at getting rid of things
than i am.

we had conversations like this...
"i don't need these shoes anymore."
"are you sure? maybe for church or something?"
"i never use these hair bands."
"but you might someday, right?"
"i'm done with these art projects."
"uh, really? but you worked so hard on them."
and so on.

i didn't know whether to be proud or horrified.

she easily dumped over 50 items...
tickets, old lip gloss, candy, broken earrings,
stretched out hair bands, socks, and
the list goes on and on.
i'll be conservative and stick with 50.

10 backpacks
seriously, 10, wtf?
and i totally cried over the blues clues backpack.
8 purses
and i totally cried over the dora purse.
2 cloth shopping bags

and from k's dresser...
13 pairs of tights
good lord.
12 pairs of pants
27 shirts!
most of these are hand-me-downs
that will go live with e in wv.

total for this week = 143
grand total = 143+50 = 193

and we're on our way.
next up - g's room.
lots more k clothes in there.

*i ate long john silvers fish on friday, texas roadhouse country fried steak on saturday, and leftovers on sunday. oh, and i found out that the chicken chipotle sandwich i ate at panera last week is on the worst sandwiches in america list. 56. grams. of. fat.
i may need a nutrition intervention.


Carla said...

OMG! that sandwich from panera WAS my fav...guess i should look for a healthier alternative.

pajama mom said...

yeah, it was good though! :)

One Sided Momma said...

you ARE on your way. what was the goal again, 1,000 things? i'm never going to get there if i keep bringing crap back into this house (iron man helmet plus one el cheapo plastic shopping cart with 20 mini boxes of goods just two hours ago. -sigh- this IS hard!)

Bonnie said...

I am doing my tee shirt drawer tonight, and sorting old jewelry to give to the granddaughters.
Cara, you are too funny.

Crystal D said...

I might have to do this too. I have 10,000 things I could get rid of and we wouldn't even notice. Sad.
Spring cleaning here I come.
I get a little emotional about getting rid of the girls' things. They don't usually care. Well, except for the tiny junky things, they always want to keep little trinkets.

pajama mom said...

i have to toss the trinkets when they are at school!