Wednesday, March 17, 2010

with six you get eggroll

i am packed.
to go with my mother
to the greenbrier.

mm is watching the kids.
for the whole weekend.
gymnastics meet,
ncaa basketball,
and a birthday party.
all of it.
may the force be with him.

when i posted last year
about the greenbrier,
what i didn't mention,
is that just the day before i left,
we closed the baby factory.

the conversation went something like this...
me - "so... do you think you would want any more kids?"
mm - pause - "heck no, i'm done, three is good."
me - long pause - "oh, whew, i'm SO glad you said that."

and after four pregnancies,
and three babies,
i was done.
just like that.

most days over the past year,
i have been happy with our decision.
oh - i did spend 2.4 days wondering
what the hell we were thinking,
and i've always wanted five kids,
and i want it reversed right now.

then there were also around 35.7 days
that i wanted to call the doctor
and personally thank her again
for making sure i never have any more kids.

but the rest of the time,
i am content.
truly content,
and focused on raising these three.

i don't know how i knew i was done,
but i just did.
and as much as i hated to admit defeat,
i finally did.

and now we can all look forward
to our future as
a party of five.

and i'll try not to think about it too often,
but, as ya'll know,
with six you get eggroll...


One Sided Momma said...

oh man, i've been having the same feelings since we closed shop forever here too. it's been strong lately and lets just say i've been a little *grumpy* as of recent knowing we can't have any more. it was more the husband's idea than mine. he knew he was done. i should've been too considering we almost didn't have me come out of the last one alive. so, i get it. with six you get eggroll. with five you get special sauce? sorry, that was vulgar and i pretty disgusting even for me. : )

p.s. security word is "woomon" like oh wooomon i feel your pain!

pajama mom said...