Wednesday, March 25, 2009

just my mother and me

we went to the greenbrier, just my mother and me.

the bellman took our luggage to our room. she gave him a tip.

we ate lunch together. i tried a fried green tomato sandwich. it was perfect.

my mother had some meetings, so i explored. i found lots of great places to read a book.

at 4:15pm we met for tea. i felt so grown-up.

then we dressed up for dinner. the waiter put our napkins on our laps. that was cool.

after dinner we had hot chocolate. then it was time to sleep.

we had breakfast together. my mother had eggs benedict. i had eggs and bacon. the waiter brought us finger bowls and little towels. that was really cool.

then my mother had some more meetings, so i took a tour of a secret bunker. i can't believe i had walked past the entrance many times before.

in the afternoon i took a walk. then i read some more and just relaxed.

lunch and dinner. and more tea. and more hot chocolate. and shopping.

there was a movie each night in the theater, but i just wanted to sit on the comfy couches.

another peaceful night's sleep.

then it was time to leave. i didn't want to go.

we had a good time at the greenbrier, just my mother and me.

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One Sided Momma said...

very nice. i wish you a very happy trip, just your mother and you this time around too!