Monday, March 9, 2009


true confession... we live in pittsburgh and we haven't been to see the new dinosaur exhibit.

that is, until last weekend.

finally the grown-up to kid ratio was in our favor. the grandparents visited. after convincing my parents to help me with the 100+ cases of girl scout cookies, we needed to get out of the house for an adventure. the dinosaurs have been on our list for a while. mm and i went before kids, but now the whole exhibit has been updated. so we all loaded into the explorer and headed to oakland.

the exhibit looks great. the kids all stayed close (!) and there was even an area where they could dig for fossils. in fact, a lot of the museum is updated.

we even had enough patience left to go to red lobster for dinner...

it was a fine day.

p.s. g took a lot of pictures with papa's camera. i thought this one turned out well.


Anonymous said...

Tell G that he took a great shot! Looking forward to March & April events!!

pajama mom said...

papa did you take this one? or g?