Monday, March 30, 2009

mama sure cleans up nice

last greenbrier post. until next year. i promise. i think.

i will try to stop saying,
"at the greenbrier..." or
"remember when i went to the greenbrier?"
and other such comments.

anyway, this post is more about pajama mom at the greenbrier, and not the actual place itself.

i took my best clothes. my new shoes. makeup. jewelry. i looked completely put together.

and a curious thing happened...

no one looked at me like that "frazzled" mom. you know - the one in the jeans and sweatshirt. wearing a ball cap and tennis shoes. no makeup.

not that i mind my day to day look. at least i think i don't mind. but being all sparkly for a weekend has me thinking. have i fallen in a rut? or is the "frazzled" mom look the one i was going for all along? do i really care either way?

so since i've been home i've been trying a little harder to look like a "normal" person again. not the heels, no, not the dang heels. but more put together. most days. so far.

and i know it's working because just the other day m said, "mommy, you changed your earrings! are you going somewhere?"

oh, yes, i'm going places. it's about time.


Cristie Ritz King said...

Awesome you! I try to not look like frazzled mom (it helps that my job demands it) and I find on the days I do slip into workout gear all day, I'm grumpier to my kids. A little lip gloss and a neat shirt go a long way toward me being a nicer person.
Good luck!

Lisa K. said...

I am so with you, sister! It's so true about the look-- I, too, have recognized a similar need in myself to not always be in the dang sweat pants!!

It can be kind of nice to feel like we look nice again-- remember those days??

You go, girl.

pajama mom said...

i made it 'til friday. i'm still in my pjs. once a pajama mom, always a pajama mom, i suppose. :)

Anonymous said...

just for the historical record, whilst pj and grandmother were galavanting at the resort, who was subbing at home? papa b. albeit for only about 8 daylight hours. i must say the charges were exceptionally well behaved, no fist fights, no blood, only a little competition for attention when they all had different agendas. it was really enjoyable. (now read 16 jan 2009 "hidden treasure" blog). when mm got home i guess he figured we all needed to get out of the cabin for supper. he took us to their favorite pizza place at the mile. when pizzas arrived the kids staked their claims. the seniority protocall has been established. m got the biggest bubble, g next and k next. all the bubbles were checked before eating, and all this without a word being said. i only knew what was happening because of the blog. i have the cutest grandkids in the world. papa b.

pajama mom said...

the galavanting was hard work...

i am grateful and amazed that you pulled it off. :)

the kids had a great time with you.