Friday, March 27, 2009

it's all in the details

yes, another greenbrier post. obviously, i am quite smitten.

each day we received an itinerary. complete with a weather forecast and fact of the day.

it outlined the day's offerings. some of the highlights...

swimming, bowling, culinary demonstrations, horseback riding, carriage rides, exercise classes, golf, off-road driving, gun club, tennis, and fly fishing.

shopping and a spa.

coffee in the morning, hot chocolate at night.

my favorite part - tea and concert in the upper lobby promptly at 4:15pm. hot or iced tea with some of the most beautiful little cakes i have ever seen. i would have taken a picture, but i did not want to look like a total nerd.

and - whilst you are eating dinner, someone goes into your room, lays out your pajamas along with a greenbrier robe, turns down your bed complete with a chocolate on your pillow, and places a nightlight in your bathroom.

it's all in the details, people.

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