Wednesday, March 4, 2009

kitty buddy

we are nursing a sick kitty.
he is thirteen.
he is 15.5 pounds of bubba.
he has cancer.
the vet cannot do surgery.

so we are giving him whatever he wants.

and he is enjoying it.

almost thirteen years ago we rescued him from a shelter here in pittsburgh. we named him molson. to compliment zima, of course! *side note* - now that we have kids, they write endless stories about them at school. awesome.

he was a lanky and cuddly kitten. he is still a cuddler, but now a fluffy, giant cat. what a sweetheart.

i always knew that my pets would get older. i just didn't realize that i would be the "grown-up" taking care of the older pets. making the "grown-up" pet decisions. it is no fun. i think i liked it better when i just came home from school one day and everything was taken care of.

poor kitty buddy.


Mungerphut said...

Poor kitty Nice post about a tough subject. Tell MM we say hello too.

Anonymous said...

Give that kitty a cuddle from me! Would you like me to send Winston or Dino over?