Friday, May 2, 2008

turn, turn, turn

our beloved zima passed away yesterday.

my neighbor offered to watch the kids while i took her to the vet. the doctor was so nice, i felt really grateful that he knew just what to say. then i brought her home to let molson say goodbye.

we had decided to just tell the kids that she went to heaven. and leave it at that. however, she looked so peaceful and fluffy and beautiful, we changed our minds and let them have one last goodbye. we wrapped her in my favorite sabres t-shirt (the one with the holes from being washed so many times) and mm dug a hole in our flower bed. we said our goodbyes and the kids put many dandelions on the spot. they cried a lot more than i thought they would, which was not fun.

i did remarkably well for someone who doesn't like to make grown-up decisions or deal with grown-up issues. don't get me wrong, i cried my eyes out, but by the time i picked up the kids i was better.

ssh - don't tell - i think i caught mm a little misty-eyed himself.

zima was with us for almost 13 years, a first anniversary present, and while lately i've been excited to get some "new things" - towels, sheets, dishes, etc. she was one "thing" i really didn't want to ever have to let go. it's strange, i would describe myself as someone who welcomes change, but now i am not so sure...

on a lighter note, my resilient kids are already asking for a kitten...


Carla said...

i am so sorry to hear about your cat. we had to put my cat down last year after john and i got married. i got him for my 15th birthday, so he was pretty old too. i feel your pain!

pajama mom said...

thanks, i had a hard time making the decision, and i'm still not sure if it was the right one. i know in my heart it was time, but it's still difficult to actually go through with it!