Monday, May 19, 2008

eat this!

one of my friends had this book at her house when i went there for a silpada (love it!) party. i had a hard time putting it down. since then i've talked about it non-stop. the last time mm took the kids to the mall to play he bought me a copy. sweet!

it is a fun book. i was surprised that we do already eat some of the "good" stuff... sun chips, lite syrup, hummus, goldfish, AND guinness!

the kids have been running around shouting, "eat this, not that!"

*some things i'm going to look for on the next grocery trip - luna tea cakes, simply jif, dried goji berries, and hellman's with canola.*

update - tuesday - it's only fair i tell you the "bad" stuff we eat too, namely, yo crunch yogurt, pop tarts, pringles, quaker granola bars, and cheez-its.

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