Wednesday, May 21, 2008

stripe-ee three

this morning we let stripe-ee three go home to his family.

stripe-ee one was found last summer in my geraniums. we fed him more leaves and flowers from the same pot until he turned into a cocoon.

stripe-ee two came to us last week by way of mm's car. he ate oranges (we think) until g decided he probably missed his mommy. mama's boy, much?

stripe-ee three used to live at gymnastics. now he lives here. best of luck to him finding something to eat. he was looking a little, dehydrated, would be a nice way of saying it. maybe he can find something in our weed-filled flower beds.

i did a little research. stripe-ees are tent caterpillars. they are considered pests. not in our house. they are honored pets. the article said to pay particular attention on where you find them so you'll know what to feed them.

anyone have any ideas on the proper food for stripe-ees? the geraniums only worked once, and none of them like our purple plum or cleveland pear leaves...

p.s. sorry for the crazy spelling, our gifted children come up with these gems all the time, gray-ee, spot-ee, brown-ee, pink-ee, you get the idea...

*update - stripe-ee four was rescued from the park earlier this morning.*

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