Monday, May 12, 2008

all hail mother's day

my mother's day started early. thursday i picked out flowers for the window boxes out front. i got first pick for once, instead of waiting until sunday and getting whatever's left over.

saturday the moms' group went to shadyside to a crepe place for breakfast. only a couple of the moms could go so we took our daughters with us. m dressed up in her easter dress. we ordered a chocolate crepe and a nutella/banana crepe. yummy! m got hot chocolate because it is freezing in pittsburgh for some reason. it was a nice morning, i was surprised at the number of people in line for crepes before the restaurant even opened! that's how you know you aren't going to be disappointed!

then we stopped at the pittsburgh glass factory. will have to go back there for a moms' night. for $25 you can make your own glass flower. they also had soap dishes which would be a great conversation piece. you can bring in your own food, then make something to take home.

sunday i got to sleep in. i got a nice card and some tea. then we went to our favorite mexican restaurant, el campesino's. you thought i was going to say moe's, didn't ya? that is our second favorite.

we walked around the furniture store, then went to lowe's and got some new outside lights for our house. long overdue.

the crazy thing about the day was - it hailed! ice everywhere! i'm telling you, pittsburgh has the weirdest weather.

today i bought a new mailbox. so my mother's day presents just keep on coming! sweet!

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