Thursday, May 29, 2008

the grass is always greener?

our next door neighbor travels. he is young, single, working, etc... translation - he does not pull weeds.

i love to pull weeds, hey, i like to live on the edge.

so each day when i'm outside with the kids my eyes drift over to our neighbor's landscaping. i could just pull a few each day, and soon the flower beds would be clear...

i sneak over, and find the craziest looking weeds EVER! they are huge and spiky and i swear they lean toward you if you get too close. i go inside and get a paper towel to yank them out with - yes i am bored. i wrap the towel around the weed and grab. the spiky things pierce every finger - they don't bend!

so - i looked them up - of course! they are thistles. supposed to get them by the root or use weed killer. must think of a plan b.

when mm asked me what i did yesterday - oh, yes he did! - apparently it wasn't obvious. i didn't share this info as i am a little worried he might have me committed.

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Carla said...

hey - want to come over and pull our are more than welcome!