Monday, May 19, 2008

gabby's boutique

this is what we called gabriel brothers in college. "where did you get that super long pair of socks with the holes?" "gabby's, 25 cents for a 10-pack!"

-the towels with rips? gabby's!
-the leopard print mini-skirt? gabby's!
-all things (sorry mm) buffalo bills? gabby's!

i stopped in for the first time in about a year, in fact, the last time i was there i bought the liners for my window boxes, ($2!) and that's why i stopped in saturday.

no liners, but i saw many other things, mainly, crocs, purses, bamboo cutting boards, and swim trunks.

alas, i had g with me, so i must go back. soon. i figure i'm doing my part to save all that stuff from the landfill, right?

gabby's is the new green!

**weekly green update - we switched our toothpaste. mm and i switched deodorants. i now smell like lavender and mm smells unscented, cool! i also bought new shampoo, but we are going to finish what we have before we start with that. m and i picked out new lip gloss. i looked at moisturizer and facial scrub, will get that next time. baby steps. this week's goal - get rid of plastic cups.**

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