Thursday, May 15, 2008

groundhog day

today feels like yesterday and all the days before... it's rainy and cloudy, again.

and i'm not learning anything from my past experiences. i still asked the open-ended morning question...

"what do you want for breakfast?"

k does the "pretend" thinking, "ummm, chips?"
"ummm, cookies?"
g pipes in, "how about fruit snacks?"

just like yesterday!

we had waffles, (you guessed it, like yesterday) with butter and syrup, which makes me wonder if we should have just had cookies. probably more nutritious.

now i'm looking at the pile of laundry, that i swear i did yesterday, and the downstairs, where all of the toys are back out on the floor, again.

and in a couple of hours, the tribune review will start their daily calls during nap time...

anyone else ever feel like it's groundhog day?

1 comment:

Carla said...

always...same s@#$, different day.