Thursday, May 1, 2008


it's been a week since my mom left here after a 5 day visit. i have to say i got pretty spoiled. staying in bed a little longer in the mornings, having someone to run errands with, it was nice.

while she was here she offered to order a beach tote for my birthday. i immediately went to and ordered the largest one with a zip top - hey, she offered!

beware! the extra large tote is indeed EXTRA large. seriously, i can fit in it. or all three kids... it will be great as a towel tote and also to freak my in-laws out when we come to visit for the weekend. i think i could fit a month's worth of clothes in it!

some other highlights of the trip, call it a top ten list if you will...

10. red lobster take-out, coconut shrimp!
9. going to the zoo with no lunch packed, $20 later, we all have corndogs.
8. k yelling, "welcome to moe's!" a lot.
7. usually known as grandmother, k decides she likes "binda" better.
6. finally getting out for a date, walking around sam's club by ourselves!
5. watching m at gymnastics.
4. grandmother punching out g in wii boxing. classic.
3. getting to send yet more "rummage" home to wv.
2. relaxing and watching lots of hgtv.
1. watching the magic wear off after a couple of days, and how she loves them anyway...

we are already packing for camp grandmother and papa as soon as school is out.

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