Wednesday, May 28, 2008

back in the groove

almost everything is unpacked from our weekend trip to buffalo. the laundry is finished and the suitcases are put away. we are back in the groove of normal life. bummer.

a top 10 of "out of the groove" things i got used to on my visit...

10. adults outnumbering kids - only by one, but still!
9. holding my newest nephew z - ALMOST making me think about another baby...
8. my father-in-law fixing my coffee AND bringing it to me - that never gets old!
7. the fenced-in backyard - makes counting kids easier.
6. opening the fridge and seeing food - weird.
5. m, g, & k playing with their cousins - triplets can be very entertaining!
4. different toys and books - always good.
3. tekla - the adopted greyhound - ALMOST making me think about a dog...
2. late night talks with adults other than my hubby.
1. thanking my lucky stars i got so blessed in the in-law department.
0. bonus - mm got lousha with the whoopie cushion - classic.

it was a wonderful weekend. food, fun, and i even found a way to sneak off to the jcrew outlet for a little retail therapy...

** weekly green update - got rid of all plastic plates and cups. except for a few sippys that i plan to discard when i find some siggs for the kids. got new dishwashing liquid and hand soap. also toilet cleaner - but again we are using what we have first. found some dryer balls, mostly because k is allergic to dryer sheets, but still a green thing to do. they are kind of noisy. my mom ordered us a low-flow shower head. i'll let you know how that goes. **

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