Sunday, May 11, 2008

kennywood's open

friday was kennywood day. since we have lived here for almost 14 years now, it doesn't surprise us anymore that there is no school for kennywood day. yes, i said that correctly, no school on kennywood day. each school district takes a turn, sells discounted tickets, and the whole town shuts down for kennywood. it is an acceptable excuse to get out of work that day too.

we decided to go after work. the kids were excited all day, i used that to my advantage. we cleaned rooms and changed sheets. we vacuumed and dusted, all in the name of kennywood.

when mm got home we headed over. we got there at dinnertime, of course. first stop - food. kennywood is famous for their food, some people go just to eat. potato patch fries are a must. and corn dogs. we also heard the gyros are awesome, but we didn't find those until we were headed out for home.

we ate, it rained, just a little. then the big kids (with the biggest kid) ran to the jackrabbit roller coaster. and k and i walked to the kiddie rides. i wasn't sure if she would get on the rides by herself. she did. jumped right on. rode the motorcycles, the helicopters, the elephants, etc.

it was a great night. i felt like a kid myself riding the racers roller coaster with m. although, i think i might have whiplash. as it got darker, the light-sabers came out. that made g's evening. best $5 spent all night. m picked out a giant pencil and k wanted COT-CANDY.

we saw lots of people we knew from school and the neighborhood, i'm starting to see why it is such an important day in pittsburgh.

p.s. if you are from pittsburgh, you should have laughed at the title of this post. around here "kennywood's open" means your zipper is undone. - after 14 years i can smile at that one too.

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