Wednesday, May 7, 2008

going for the gold

she did it. m did a kip. the last "trick" needed to move up to the next level at gymnastics...

why aren't i using exclamation points? why am i not more enthusiastic? why didn't i jump around screaming like the other moms when their girls made their first kips?

while i am VERY excited, and even more excited for m, moving to the next level means...

more $$$!!! and not just a little more - almost double what we are paying now! it is already difficult to write that check, i can't even imagine more! (there are your exclamation points, people!) of course she has yet to be officially "invited" to move up, the "buzz" around the gym is that she is probably getting an invitation.

initially, we thought, great, she can DO this. she can get a scholarship and flip her way through harvard or where ever her heart desires. then - we starting adding it up. if we saved the monthly fee, invested it, she could pay for harvard. (in cash, probably!)

so - what's a parent to do? get a job?

anyone want to hire me? i want to work part-time, with lots of vacation, from home, i want time off if someone is sick, or has a party at school, or if i just feel like sleeping in... i want lots of money, lots of bonuses, and lots of free stuff. let me know if you are interested...

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