Wednesday, May 7, 2008


my hubby is an engineer. when i met him i thought, "hey an engineer, he can fix stuff, like my dad." wrong. he is an electrical engineer, which he once told me means he's not an electrician... (?)

this morning i heard the garbage disposal clank. i heard the switch flip a few times. silence. after a while i investigate.

the conversation went JUST like this... kidding.

"what happened, darling?"
"i thought i heard some money drop in the sink, so i turned on the disposal."
"why, sweetie?"
"so i wouldn't have to stick my hand in there."
"what, dear?"
"i didn't want to get my hands all mucky if there wasn't any money in there."
"so you heard the money fall in, but turned on the disposal anyway, love of my life?"


after he sticks his hand in the sink a few times, he decides to leave for work. on the way out he comes up with a solution. "you should stick your hand in there, it is smaller..."

no luck, but i will keep you posted on this one, folks.

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