Monday, May 19, 2008

a long way to go

this morning m's school hosted "muffins with mom" - moms come and eat breakfast with their kids. (not unlike "donuts with dad")

i look forward to it because the younger kids get to see inside the school, and we get to walk m down to her classroom before we leave. we had a very nice morning.

i was pretty proud of myself because i managed to get up AND shower. there is a reason i am called pajama mom. half of my town probably wouldn't recognize me without my hello kitty pajama pants on. but that is a post for another day.

we are all dressed and on time. everyone's hair is brushed. a rare feat. standing in line i notice the woman in front of me. mostly her shoes. i always notice shoes. they were awesome grey nike shox running shoes. she is also wearing a black sweatsuit. how come some women manage to look "dressed up" and they are wearing sweats?

so we all sit down. my family eats chocolate muffins, chocolate milk, and coco puffs. no lie. i look over at the more-put-together-than-me-mom. she is eating two hard-boiled eggs, no yolks, and a container of peppers, green, yellow, and red. she even brought her own tea - green, no doubt.

man, i have a long way to go...

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