Monday, March 29, 2010

losing it

this weekend i noticed
my coat* is missing.

the only reason i noticed is because
it was cold this weekend.

that's the only reason!?!
otherwise i would have never
even noticed.

it's official - i'm losing it.

gone is the organized woman
who knew where everything was
at any given moment.
and the worst part?
i don't even care that much.

about the coat, i mean.
it's a columbia winter coat.
bought on sale.
when i was pregnant with g.
over 7 years ago.
it's a good coat.
a warm coat.
but still.
7 years?

there is a little tear on one side,
where i slammed it in the car door once.
and i never found any gloves that matched
the shade of pink on the front.
i don't even really like it all that much.
pink isn't my fav.

but the issue that bothers me,
other than the obvious -
(how the #@!& i could lose a coat?)
is what could be in the pockets.

money, keys, money, toys, money, coupons, money?
this is driving me even more crazy
than the growing list of where the coat could be.

i've been to banks, restaurants, schools, meetings,
the cleaners, gymnastics meets, friends' houses,
malls, play places, dressing rooms, fast food, games,
the list is endless.

oh and i can't even remember the last time i wore it.
but i do know this -
it isn't at the gym.
there's something.
i guess.

so if you've seen my coat,
please let me know,
and put me out of my misery.
how can a person walk into a place with a coat,
then just leave,

at least i still know where the kids are
at any given moment.
well, mostly.

*what else is lost and i don't even know?!?


One Sided Momma said...

is it at the greenbriar?

here's a way to distract you. i never found out the balance on that crate & barrel gift card.

de nada.

and i'm sorry.

Anonymous said...

i was going to mention greenbrier or fayetteville.

pajama mom said...

fayetteville is a possibility.
or your car.
didn't take it to the greenbrier.
too ratty.

osma - you are killin' me. :)