Wednesday, March 3, 2010

the age of silly

as if the eons of whine weren't enough,
our house has dawned on
the age of silly.

suddenly, everything is funny.
especially meal time.
car rides.
or any time parents are ticked off.
grins. chuckles. full out laughter.

at first, we thought it was so cute.
the three of them,
conspiring together,
giggling non-stop,
because the baby sang,
"dora, dora, dora, the dumb-dumb."
or some other hilarious ditty.

but now it's a constant barrage
of jokes that don't make sense,
slapstick humor,
(totally gets a laugh. every. time.)
noises, fake toots, wacky songs, etc.

each of them trying to outdo the other,
louder and louder,
shouting, squealing, milk flying out of noses,
you get the idea.

we are trying to power through,
but our faces have these tight fake smiles
most of the time.
oh, sometimes, yes, we laugh too.
(falling down is funny, ya'll!)
but other times, we get ticked and try
to make the silly stop.
which backfires every time.
clearly, you just can't stop the silly.

so we shake our heads,
and wonder just how long the age of silly lasts?
oh - and kick ourselves for complaining so much
about the eons of whine.
i'm missing a good whine about now.

but mostly,
we are really, really nervous
and terrified, let's be honest,
about what comes after
the age of silly.


Anonymous said...

the decade of backtalk and argument last-word competition. payback is sweet. dad b.

pajama mom said...

"the decade of backtalk"
good one!

i have no comment on the
"last-word competition"

One Sided Momma said...

i'm officially no longer awaiting abby's first (intelligible) words. the age of silly sounds brutal so i'll enjoy the age of Nell a little while longer.

pajama mom said...

brutal is such a good description, btw.